We are a Year 1 class at Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand. Most of us are 5 years old,
except for our teachers, Tracy and Sam and Mark our trainee teacher aide, who are a little older. This blog lets you know what we
have been up to and what our next learning steps will be. We love to find out what people
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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Term 3 Week 7

This is our whakatauki for September and remains us how special all our tamariki are.
Our kupu o te wiki was pene hinu or crayon
We continued thinking about fossils this week including having a look at some real fossils, uncovering our own 'fossils' and then sorting pictures showing the sequence of events that result in fossils being formed.
Despite the rain on Wednesday we got outside to play What's The Time Mr Wolf.
In our No Child Left Inside lesson we worked on our frisbee throwing skills.

We spotted some great example of team work during puzzle time......
...and also during the painting of our chocolate bar masks for next months Mask Parade
Discovery Time was a bit shorter after all that painting but we had fun creating a table fit for princesses and a prince.....
....and had to think hard about how to make a free standing marble run.

We were also busy this week making  special surprise cards...I wonder who they were for?
Some friends shared their very impressive number of words they could now read and write by themselves, well done!

Finally on Friday afternoon we were treated to a literary treat when we spent an hour listening to the captivating stories of a visiting story teller. We heard the stories of the 'Monkeys and the Hats" and the 'Sausage Story'.

What are we learning in Term 3 Week 8
Sounds: medial 'o' e.g Tom, hot, dog
Tricky Words: she/here
Grammar: verbs
Writing: weekend recount, reports
Maths: basic facts to 5 and 10,  measuring time
P.E. No Child Left Inside/ skipping
Maori word for the week: pene whitau meaning felt pen
Topic: Buried Treasure
Art:  Quilling and Mask Making
ICT: Tuxpaint dogs
Tracy is teaching Monday,Tuesday and Friday
Sam is teaching Wednesday and Thursday 
Dinosaur museum visit Tues 8th September, leaving school at 10.40, helpers needed
Term 4 Suter Kowhaiwhai visit Tuesday 8th December leaving school at 10.00
Term Dates
Term 3 finishes Friday 25th September
Term 4 starts Monday 12th October
Term 4 finishes Wednesday 16 December

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  1. Fantastic work room 10! Lovely cards made for each other, great painting of the masks and good throwing skills with the frisbee. Oscar has also come home with lots of stories about fossils. Keep up the hard work. Enjoy the holidays for now, you too Tracy! 😊



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