We are a Year 1 class at Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand. Most of us are 5 years old,
except for our teachers, Tracy and Sam and Mark our trainee teacher aide, who are a little older. This blog lets you know what we
have been up to and what our next learning steps will be. We love to find out what people
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Term 2 Week 4

Welcome to our blog that gives you a peek into what we have been up to last during Week 4 of this term.

The whakatauki for this month is:

Te kupu o te wiki was kaiako meaning teacher. You could use it like this; He kaiako ahau , I am a teacher.

The slide show below shows some examples of us learning about length in maths by comparing the lengths of all the different slides in school, measuring things with our feet and measuring our feet with a variety of non-standard units including cubes and dominoes. Later in the week we took a look  at weight by using bucket scales to compare the weight of different objects. You will also see the fun we got up to in this week's Discovery Time and our collection of objects for the colour of the week which was brown. We hope you enjoy our photos
Week 4 in Room 10 on PhotoPeach

Our poem this week was linked to the leaf rubbings we dd in art and to the tricky word 'down' that we learnt on Tuesday

Finally this week we focused on the Maori Legend of Maui and the Big Fish. Tracy told us the story and then we watched 2 video clips. We chose this one to help our friends and whanau to learn the story as well.

What are we learning in Term 2 Week 5
Sounds: 'or' and 'z' as in rain
Tricky Words: 
Writing: weekend recount, descriptions
Maths: grouping numbers e.g. 5+1, 5+2. 5+3 and weight
P.E. No Child Left Inside and Hockey Skills
Maori word for the week: Akonga= student
Topic: Zero Waste
Art: Wiggle painting and leaf printing
ICT: Online maths games about measurement
Colour of the week PINK
Sam is teaching Thursday
Tracy is teaching Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday
Cross Country Training starts this week
Wednesday 3rd June Museum trip for Maori Myths and Legends, leaving school at 12.40, helpers needed
Friday 12th June Whole School Cross Country event in the afternoon.
Term Dates
Term 2 finishes Friday 3 July
Term 3 starts Monday 20th July
Term 3 finishes Friday 25th September
Term 4 starts Monday 12th October
Term 4 finishes Wednesday 16 December

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  1. Great pictures of the kids, beautiful poem and lovely story of Maui! Oscar, Ben, Natascha



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