We are a Year 1 class at Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand. Most of us are 5 years old,
except for our teachers, Tracy and Sam and Mark our trainee teacher aide, who are a little older. This blog lets you know what we
have been up to and what our next learning steps will be. We love to find out what people
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Friday, 6 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

Kia Ora and welcome to our blog for Week 4 of Term 4. As a new month started we have been learning  a new whakatauki:
We spotted some interesting games going on during morning tea earlier this week!

On Tuesday we had some special news from our birthday girl who proudly showed off her new ukulele to us all.
We continued our fabric work this week by working together to make fabric collage butterflies with warm and cold colours. We plan to put them up in the office area of the school so others can see them as well.

We also finished off our fabric sun project. Make sure you check them out next time you are in or outside Room 10.
There was plenty of outside activity this week with No Child Left Inside when we practiced our shot put skills.
On Thursday we had a fun packed day out and about learning about bugs and butterflies with Dean.
On Friday the weather meant we could spend much of our Discovery Time outside, including our open air shop.....
 ....and continuing our bug hunting.
 We were all really sad to say good bye to Shaelea after having her working with us in Room 10 for 4 weeks. She helped us in so many ways and we think she is already a fabulous teacher!Here are the special messages we wrote for her leaving card.
Good Bye Shaelea on PhotoPeach  
What are we learning in Term 4 Week 5
Sounds: magic 'e' with 'u' e.g cut is turned into cute
Tricky Words:  in/have
Grammar: present tense verbs using 'ing' 
Writing: weekend recount, narratives
Maths:  Number: recognising and ordering numbers to 10, 20 and 100
P.E. No Child Left Inside/ skipping
Maori: classroom objects/classroom commands
Topic: King of the Castle
Art:  running stitch picture frame
ICT: how to leave a comment on the blog
Tracy is teaching Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Sam is teaching Thursday
Week 8 Life Education at School
Tuesday 8th December Suter Kowhaiwhai visit leaving school at 10.00
Week 9 Fire Service visits as part of Firewise topic
Monday 14th December Kowhai Big Day Out 
Term Dates
Term 4 finishes Wednesday 16 December


  1. room 10 is very ged.
    from kayla.

  2. room 10 is the best at key kompinsee.
    from Otis and Hale

  3. room 10 has the best pragrawd.
    from isha

  4. i love moss from oscar and luca

  5. Room 10 is the best in the wode.
    from moss bella rose.

  6. room 10 i love room 10



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